#The Drifter Detective

David Cramner

Out of print for several years now, Uncle B. Publications, in conjunction with David Cranmer, is proud to present the first of two volumes collecting every Drifter Detective novella and novelette. Featuring crime fiction stalwarts Garnett Elliott, Wayne D. Dundee, Alec Cizak, and Cranmer himself, these hardboiled adventures will satisfy any fan of detective and mystery fiction.

Jack Laramie, aka The Drifter Detective, is the grandson of famed western marshal, Cash Laramie. Jack drifts from one Texas town to another in search of P.I. work. He drives a DeSoto, behind which he tows his traveling home, a horse trailer. Like most P.I.’s of the era, Jack nurses wounds from his service in World War II. Despite carrying these demons, he’s a straight-shooter with a penchant for weeding out corruption and restoring justice. A classic, heroic figure desperately needed even now, in these most non-heroic times.

Volume One features three adventures by Garnett Elliott (The Drifter Detective, Hell Up in Houston, and The Girls of Bunker Pines), one by Wayne D. Dundee (Wide Spot in the Road), and a humorous novelette by Alec Cizak (The Don Juan of Eldorado). Additionally, famed critic and writer Kevin Tipple provides a brief, but very informative, forward.

Your pulp fiction library is incomplete without this handsome volume!
#Now There Was A Story!

Edited by Tia Ja'nae & Stephen J. Golds

Twelve of today’s top crime writers bring you crime stories based on twelve classic country songs immortalized by Johnny Cash on his album Now, There Was A Song! Stories of booze and desperation will take you on journeys into the darkest hearts of America. This is the music-based noir anthology you’ve been waiting for!

Featuring stories by Jack Bates, Joseph S. Walker, Christopher Ryan, Jackie Flaum, Tom Andes, Alec Cizak, David Tromblay, Robert Petyo, C.W. Blackwell, Don Stoll, J.Rohr, and Stephen J. Golds.

Cover art by Melo Guamera. Layout assistance by Tia Ja’nae and Morgan Boyd.
#Uncle B.'s Drive In Fiction

Edited by Elisha Murphy

A vault classic, Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction is a crime horror novella in three double features of clever, engaging, and moving stories that would do any grindhouse 1970s fan justice. Here the stories are humorous and clever, with real tension, drama, and emotional depth that has come to define the Uncle B. Publications brand.

Six low-budget novellas by Jimmy Callaway, Alec Cizak, C. J. Edwards, Garnett Elliott, Matthew C. Funk, and David James Keaton. Featuring cover and interior art by Sarah Hailey. Edited by Elisha Murphy.

Remember rolling into the drive-in, elbow out the window, hand squeezing the wheel of your dad's Ford, hoping to find a spot in the back row of cars? Remember watching some B horror, cheapjack action or western flick, trying like mad to get to second base? Edited by Elisha Murphy, six pulp writers join forces in Drive-In Fiction to conjure up those dark, sweat-laced back seats lit only by the glow of the big screen. Within these pages are six down and dirty novellas all written in the spirit of those films from the golden age of the drive-in.

Cover art by Melo Guamera. Layout assistance by Tia Ja’nae and Morgan Boyd.
#4:20 Noir

Edited by J. Travis Grundon

Hoosier Noir editor J. Travis Grundon has compiled eleven smokin' stories about the Devil's Weed. As with any issue of Hoosier Noir, there is crime, deception, and general bad behavior. This time, however, each tale is tinted with the pungent odor of burning herb. So give thanks and praise and feed your mind with dark joints by the likes of Rex Weiner, Alec Cizak, Serena Jayne, BF Jones, Patrick Whitehurst, Don Stoll, Stephen J. Golds, and many more.

The Reviews are In! Guaranteed contact high with a primo lineup including J.B. Stevens (don’t mess with Grandma), some Suessian verse from Josh Workman, plus Patrick Whitehurst and a dead rock star’s dime bag, R. Daniel Lester’s backwoods triple murder madness, Curtis Ippolito’s stoner wild man, Serena Jayne’s hilarious Thelma smoking her ``wacky tobacky``, J. Rohr’s very assured “assurance of elevation,” Alec Cizak’s wicked “Little Dizzies”, Stephen J. Golds hoppin’ to the Harlem Hamfats, B.F. Jones getting baked to Supertramp’s A Soapbox Opera, and Don Stoll does the nutty numerological thing on 4/20. J. Travis Grundon does his bang up Big Bug Out, holding it all together in his smokin' editorial hand.